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How to Find the Best Obstetrician-Gynecologist


For a lot of women, just the thought of having to move to a new town can cause so much anxiety. It is not the though of packing and unpacking that produces such a worried reaction, it's those other two inescapable tasks: choosing a new hair stylist (important!) and choosing a good gynecologist (beyond important!).


Moving or not, there are a lot of other life events that can start a search for a new ob-gyn like doctor montanarella. New jobs result in new benefits from new insurance carriers. Existing carriers can change their coverage. Doctors move or retire. Whatever the reason, a hunt for a new doctor can be challenging and awkward. How do you efficiently deal with finding that one special professional to share your most intimate health issues with? Here are our top tips to help you find the obstetrician-gynecologist that is right for you.


Do Your Homework


Once you have identified what kind of ob-gyn you need, or once you have been referred to a specialist, start digging. Good old-fashioned word of mouth, through friends, colleagues and family members, can be useful when looking for your match. Search online for reputable websites, which may show information such as credentials, specialties, years in practice, patient reviews and ratings, education and, in some instances, data about malpractice, sanctions and board actions.




When you're confronting a high-risk pregnancy or a complicated gynecologic problem, experience is important. The more experience a doctor has with a condition or procedure, the better your results are expected to be. Furthermore, some Ob/Gyn focus on obstetrics, and some focus solely on gynecology. Some specialize in gynecologic cancer treatment. Ask how many patients with your particular condition the Ob/Gyn has seen. If you know that you need a special procedure, ask how many of the procedures the doctor has conducted and request more information about complication rates, complications the doctor has encountered as well as your own personal risk of complications. If you want to learn more about doctors, you can visit https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_doctor.


Caring, Responsive, and Friendly


Because you will be sharing a lot of your problems and issues with your gynecologist, it is essential to find the one who is friendly and approachable. A good and responsive gynecologist will answer your questions clearly and accurately. Look for someone you are comfortable with. Your gynecologist must be gentle and sensitive during her check-ups. A caring gynecologist like doctor montanarella will always look out for your best interests. She will also prioritize your comfort and safety above anything else.